Horse Tips

1. Before riding, stretch your horse's legs out and rub your hand
around the girth to prevent pinching.

2. For a silky mane, use mayonnaise. It works like shampoo,
be sure to wash it out.

3. In the summer, before packing it up from the show, spray your horse trailer down with fly spray about 10 minutes before you load the horses. The flies should leave, and your horses will be happier.

5. Make your own "Twinkle toes" with clear hoof polish and sparkles from Wal-Mart or wherever. It looks wonderful and is half the price!

6. Clean your copper bits with Ketchup. Leave it on for 5 minutes to let the acids absorb. Also, if they smell bad, soak them in equal parts of sugar and water for 5 minutes afterwards. Your horse will accept it right away!

7. If your have a nervous horse, a drop of Lavender will do the trick. Put it on your hands and let them sniff it. It has a calming effect.

8. Horse won't drink water? At a bit of apple juice to their bucket, just enough for taste. They should drink it up!

9. Uh oh! Hoof black is everywhere! To remove it, off of surfaces, use a hairspray like "Aqua Net" it works well.

10. Similar to #8.  Add a little Gatorade to your horse's water. Just a little, it will give them the little kick on energy they need.

11. Pour a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar per 25 gallons of water into your horse's water trough. It breaks down stones and helps prevent colic.

12. Homemade Show Sheen.
1/4 cup leave in hair conditioner (Any type works)
1/4 cup baby oil
2 tablespoons vinegar (to keep flies away, optional)
1/4 cup water

Put in a spray bottle and spray.

Disclaimer: Not scientifically tested, used tips at own risk.