Articles by Marie Griffith, etc.

Article  "Eight (8) Tips when Buying Horse Property"
by Marie Griffith, CEO,;
an Article from HORSES, INC. magazine.

Article  "Equestrian Communities, Are they the new Golf?"
by Marie Griffith,  CEO,

Article  "What are Buyers looking for in Equestrian Communities? by Marie Griffith,  CEO,

Article - Thrush and Your Horse's Health, Immune System

Article  - Horse and Ranch Property Defined,
And More for Buyers and Realtors - by Marie Griffith

Article - Yes, I RIDE. Author, unknown

Article - Common Mistakes Buyers Make
when Purchasing Horse Property by Marie Griffith

Article -  Horse Training - Proven Technique (EFT) to use on Training or Health Problems with Horses -- by LaVaughn Hengst, Germany

Article - When I am OLD . . . Author, unknown

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