After going to a 3-day seminar in Phoenix (2012) I learned a lot about horses feet. If you notice, you will see a lot of body issues from horses choosing to walk with a stride that is landing toe first-instead of striding normally, this causes them to over use shoulder muscles tightening up and causing front end issues. Heel pain is the major cause of this and a lot of horses have thrush even in dry Phoenix where many of the horses go barefoot with a great trim and balance, yet many had thrush even in the dry desert. The Teacher of the Class, leading bodyworker and noted endurance rider, April Battles, reported the same is being reported in IN, TN and Palmdale, CA as well as Newcastle, CA. It could be that the horses are more stressed (without a sufficiently strong immune system) or the soil topping has more environmental stresses from manure/pollution. We were advised to  make sure you or your hoof expert is cleaning out the V in the middle of the frogs as well. When you pick up the hoof you should not be seeing any cracks going from the frog area up to the coronet band, where there is deep bacteria hiding. Topical thrush remedies are mostly just not getting deep enough.  ---Marie Griffith


After one 45 min soaking, I saw horses standing up straighter with no apparent pain. There is now an amazing, simple solution to soak the horses hoof in to clean it up (most thrush all gone in 72 hours) and is helping to relieve any bruising in the sole as well. If you are soaking both fronts in soaker boots then 32 oz of warm water with 2/3 cup Epsom salt and 2-3 FULL eye dropper full of Dynamite liquid Trace Minerals. Allow to remain about 45min to 1hr. Depending on level of thrush, probably best to do this for 7 days for a full cure.  During treatment, Might be a good time to feed hay to pacify horse if they are not used to standing quiet that long tied. You might make a little extra up in very warm water  to refill the boot if the horse moves around

and spills part of the water out of the boot ---Marie Griffith, Marketing, and longtime horse person.

Trace Minerals Concentrate ( I think I gave you, Gary, remainder of bottle I had)
Billed as “Liquid Gold” by many customers, this topical product helps to build the immune system and stop bleeding immediately. Made up of pure trace minerals, this “miracle in a bottle” can be put on open cuts on horse, razor nicks, mosquito bites, poison ivy, ear infections.  Now known to cure-up thrush. Put 2 dropper-fulls on your horses grain for about 3 to 5 days to boost immune system. 


Order trace minerals at link below:  (be sure to look under "wound care" at left of this page; trace minerals are located under wound care on this page; thrush is a type of "wound." And, note,  the $29 cost for 2 oz goes a long way)


P.S. I also highly recommend you try Dynamite vitamins.  Click n the order link above, then look under "Equine" on left of page, and then down list for Dynamite and Dynamite Plus (the Plus is for horses not as active). Full details and ingredients are given.


Note: Dynamite vitamins are how I first sold myself on the quality of Dynamite products 12+ years ago. My horse is a dark bay; she would only dapples out when I feed her Dynamite vitamins. Many of my serious endurance friends (100 mile competitors) and trainers are Dynamite fans and reps, so I finally decided to join them as a rep, to be of better service to my equine friends and website clients. The fact that Dynamite has been in business helping horses for 80 years probably has something to do with their success with the health of horses.


Several of the horses in Phoenix had feet problems and were thought to have Navicular by their owners. Actually the horses had deep, painful thrush (yes, AZ). If a horse is not loading a hoof correctly due to pain there will be compensations in the body. No hoof no horse.

Notice the boot on the front. You can see almost immediate relief as
notice back where horse is now standing on all four
s. Pictures Taken at the
Phoenix Horse Clinic I attended in November 2011.


NOTE: Dynamite sells leading edge products. There is a money back guarantee on all of the Dynamite products within 60 days from the purchase date.  You would simply ship the item back to Dynamite, and as soon as they have received it they would either issue a product credit or refund the card they used to purchase it, depending on the circumstance and situation. 


(You can Order Trace Minerals at My Dynamite Link Here) ; On the left side of page, Click on Wound Care, then click on Trace Minerals. Or, just Search "Trace Minerals" at the top of the above link under PRODUCT SEARCH. It is $29 for 2 oz. You will need to create an account, but it is very easy. As mentioned, you can use Trace Minerals for a number of other things.  It stops bleeding almost immediately (horses or humans). See note above. Call me  anytime for more info. (I have had exceptional luck with at least  5 of Dynamite's products, Marie --Cell: 530-632-2933)


Evidence of Thrush --only one example --look for deep cracks
going out from frog.


Evidence of Removal of Thrush - after 7 days of treatment


More examples of diseased Frogs


Examples of healthy frogs:


The 7 day treatment with Trace Minerals (Dynamite) and Epson Salt (described above)

is much quicker treatment than other recommended methods (often over 21 days).


Note: Advice to a horse person who can only do this every other day:

Our suggestion is to get 2 soaker boots and do a minimum of 30 min soaks BUT one hour is best; if you cannot treat the thrush often
then stand them in the soaker boots longer like 1 hr; it helps
Do this until thrush is gone-cannot be specific as to how long you have to do this without seeing how bad the thrush is-new frog-hoof should be growing down-the cracks should be growing down-healthy heel should be showing with no cracks going up to the coronet
band from the frog. Also,
can put 2 cap fulls of bleach in 32oz spray bottle and spray on all 4 feet in between the soaks for thrush. Do not soak hooves in bleach.


Question: Can I put trace minerals directly on thrush cracks?

Answer: You can do that-problem is getting it all the way deep enough into the cracks to the core where the bacteria has gone deep.  You will end up using more of the trace minerals than the soaks. The epsom salt helps pull out heel pain which is what the thrush gives the horse-and helps to dry it out. If you get 2 soaker boots you only need one thermos full of hot water-32 oz of hot water mixed with 2/3 cup epsom salt and 2 dropper full trace minerals-the water will go higher than the coronet band thus effectively finding all deep pockets of bacteria and damage. After the soak is done you can speed up the process by then applying a few drops to the very clean area.

Liquid trace minerals is also a product that can be taken internally-can put on the horses grain to boost their immune system-good thing for winter! Can gargle with and drink for strep throat and tonsilitis, and for any bad bacteria in the intestines that might give loose stools. Can put directly in cuts and it will close up the wound from the inside out without any yellow green pus.


On Scratches:

Question:  In winter I battle with scratches. Do you have any suggestion for that.

Answer:  Can mix an eye dropper full of the liquid trace minerals in 4 oz spray bottle with distilled water and spray the pasterns for scratches. The bacteria from thrush and the mud grows the scratches. Also can get the thick desetin or balmix in baby diaper rash isle, do not get anything in a tube as that is thinner, need container with screw off lid.

Apply daily on scratches or to pasterns to prevent. The zinc lays down and protects the skin like a shield.
For several scratches I do not scrub to irritate, I pack Desetin all over scratches liberally, wrap with saran wrap and then a roll of wrap starting above fetlock joint, always pulling tendon to the inside, down around pastern, under hoof and back up around fetlock joint.
Leave on for 24 hours. When you take it off most or all the scabs schluff off. Can repeat if there are still scabs. Worst case only took 3 days of repeating application.

Mainly horses with a suppressed immune system have these issues. Besides feeding Trace Minerals (2 dropper-fulls in their grain for 3 to 5 days),
put your equine friends on regular Dynamite vitamins (can also order from site below and I get credit) and add some hiscorbadine to their diet.


Order trace minerals at link below:  (be sure to look under "Wound Care" at left side of this page; trace minerals are located under wound care on this page; thrush is a type of "wound." And, note,  the $29 cost for 2 oz goes a long way). Dynamite vitamins are under "Equine" link on left.

















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