Examples of Images that Work Best presents properties with their photos fully opened to make a coherent statement and enhance buyer appeal --rather than just small slices of photos you have to click to enlarge and see. Photo appeal is important.

Remember, most horse people care about the outside of the home (paddocks & pastures) as much as or sometimes more than the inside; Often when they arrive they want to see the barn, paddocks, pasture, or arena first. If they have an emotional connection with the overall property, and can afford it, they will buy. (That also means you must really clean-up around the property and the barn/shelters.) Most buyers couldn’t care less about the features most agents and owners drone on about in their ads. That is why marketing your property online with great pictures is imperative.

As advanced as digital cameras are today, any picture you take still isn’t ideal. Almost all pictures we receive need some editing, unless professional Realtors and owners are not always present when there is "perfect light situation" especially in barns and darker rooms. A great many pictures come to us dark and not very level. Below are some examples of photos that we have tweaked for Realtors and Owners who place ads on our site. We are the Only site that offers this service; if you know of others, let us know.


Original Picture Photoshop Edited
edited Photo Unedited Photo
BEFORE: This Barn looked old and tired as many barns do with lots of use. Best to correct this, at least somewhat, if possible, before showing buyer. AFTER: We lightened and brightened the photo and edited-out some of the dirt on stall doors. Realtor asked her Seller to touch-up paint.
Original Picture Photoshop Edited
Unedited Photo Unedited Photo
BEFORE: Picture not very inviting at all; you can barely see flowers on the bush by bench. AFTER: We lightened the photo & made flowers more visible (for fun, we added a few more blooms.)
Original Picture Photoshop Edited
Unedited Photo Unedited Photo
BEFORE: The Owner sent a picture too dark and not straight. Failure to hold the camera straight is a common problem with most photos receive. AFTER: Here you can see the barn angle "straighted" and the buyer can see more barn detail, as the ranch sign above the entry.
Original Picture Photoshop Edited
Featured Equestrian Estate Featured Equestrian Estate
BEFORE: Photo of Jane Fonda's stables (taken by a professional while her NM Ranch is for sale). Photos taken by professionals or Virtual Tour companies are usually clear and sharp like this one. AFTER: Here is the same photo. No need to do anything to it; but, we still "edited out" some of the "small weed clusters" for the fun of it. Look closely, we left a few weeds for the horses to nibble.
Original Picture Photoshop Edited
Edited Photo photos
BEFORE: Sent to us by the Realtor. As you can see, picture is very dark with a garden hose in grass at left of picture. The pond is a little hard to see. AFTER: We took out garden hose on the lawn and doctored up the pond a little; also made the grass a little greener.(Looks more inviting, don't you think?) Every little bit helps.
Original Picture Photoshop Edited
Edited Photo Edited Photo
BEFORE: Photo sent in with unappealing barbed wire fence strung in front of horse. Barbed wire, may be good for cattle, BUT not for horses, and very unappealing to horse folks. AFTER: The photo has been lightened a little, but, more important, the wire was removed in front of horse. If your property is fenced with barbed wire, there is no need to emphasize with a picture.

MORE PHOTO TIPS: Take many MORE pictures than you need so you can choose the very best ones. Good pictures (preferably professional) are the easiest way to "stage" your property to sell. The "Virtual Tour" companies often relieve Realtors and Owners from their picture-taking duties. However, it is still your job to remove the feed buckets, water hoses, and clutter in front of the barn and house (especially the entry). Every little bit helps.

Truthfully, images can make or break a buyer's desire to actually visit your property. When your buyer is a horse/animal person, an emotional connection to your property/farm is important. This connection is often first established with attractive pictures of your grounds, pasture, barn, and/or the setting of the home (with as much view of the grounds as possible.) The right image can draw a buyer's attention and increase their likelihood of making an appointment to see your property.

Edited Photo Edited Photo
BEFORE: The picture above is the typical photo that most owners and Realtors take and turn in to our site as well as MLS. It is OK but not nearly as interesting as the home to the right. Of course, many houses are not located where you can just go across the street and aim down. AFTER: On the picture above the photographer made a a simple change in elevation and angle which turns a boring home photo into something that stands out from the crowd. Always look for a more appealing way to take your photo --where both elevation and angle are considered.
Edited Photo PICTURE ON LEFT: Choose the Time of Day Carefully. Everyone is busy, but one of the surest ways to improve your property's photography is to choose the time of day you shoot your photos. The middle of the afternoon is the worst time to do it - the sun is often too bright, producing harsh shadows and washed-out colors. Professional photographers know this; they put their cameras away in the middle of the day. Sometimes dusk is the best time.


Photo Tips by: Marie A. Griffith, 2018 ---Marie is now retired from selling real estate and markets her website full time. She got well known in Silicon Valley by "staging" homes in the late 70s before they had a name for it. presents properties with their photos fully opened to make a coherent statement and enhance buyer appeal --rather than just small slices of photos you have to click to enlarge and see. Her love of esthetics and her talent in design shows up in how she markets property on the Internet. She has been a licensed residential real estate agent since 1975 (practicing primarily in California and briefly in New Mexico as a Real Estate Broker). Over the years, she did not hesitate to pay her own real estate attorney (out of her own pocket) for his expert advice on any and all important legal/contract matters (not photos, of course) over a 25-year period, servicing more than 2,000 clients. As a result she has never been named in a lawsuit nor have any of her hundreds of clients. You can read Marie's "bio here."

DISCLOSURE: Different parts of the country may have their own additional requirements or customs. Some have more, AND SOME LESS. My experience is mainly in California (which tends to be stricter than some areas of the country) with some experience as a New Mexico Broker. It is best to check with your local authorities, and/or a local real estate attorney for any differences of laws or area customs and perhaps obtain even more CURRENT information. Also, I would appreciate hearing from buyers, sellers, and Realtors in other areas of the country, nationally, or internationally, if you have any information or comments to add to this. Email Marie at:

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